Ten Days

Peace Corps! Zambia! Fish!

I’ve never written a blog post before, figured I’d start it off with a TL;DR for those of you who don’t want to put up with my insane ramblings.

I’m Greg! I graduated from college recently with a BS in Geoscience, and before that attended a high school that focused in aquaculture (we built boats in Tech and went sailing for PE. I’m from Connecticut if you couldn’t tell.) Now I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to be a Rural Aquaculture Promotion volunteer in the Peace Corps!

So what does that mean exactly? Well, I’m going to be teaching the people in my community to farm fish. It’s an amazing resource for production that is not used as often as it could be and I’m super excited about being able to help. I’m hoping that my knowledge of hydrology combined with the teachings from high school aquaculture will be a force to be reckoned with once I get in-country.

So you’re probably thinking “Greg, I don’t care about fish or rocks! Tell me about Africa!” Well, I’ll tell you a chunk of what I’ve learned through the current volunteers who’ve been awesome enough to talk to me, a few of the resources given to me by Peace Corps, and a healthy sprinkling of Wikipedia and Google.


Zambia is the curly country in green. It’s land area is 1.04x the size of Texas, and the capital of Lusaka is in the south-central part of the country (below the curly bit). Their main export is copper, with agriculture providing a majority of jobs (the largest agriculture company is called Zambeef and I find that hilarious). From what everyone’s told me, it’s home to some if the nicest people they’ve ever met, and I’m ridiculously excited to meet them myself.

So when exactly am I going? Well clearly someone didn’t pay attention to the post title! I’m leaving on February 8th at 7am, where I’ll take a plane to Philadelphia for a day of training and trying my best not to loudly reveal myself as a Cowboys fan. The following morning we will be taking a bus to JFK and boarding a plane to Johannesburg, South Africa followed by another plane to Lusaka, Zambia.

I’m going to try and update this blog relatively often, especially in the next few days with my gear and any other pre-service craziness I get up to (see: sitting in front of my computer ripping every CD I have in a hopeless effort to fill the 2TB hard drive I’m bringing).

See you soon, and thanks for reading!


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